September 26, 2017


Transmission Repair – Tampa

Transmissions Repair Unlimited based in Tampa, Florida

A vehicle’s transmission is a remarkable piece of technology that is essential to its overall performance. When this highly technical section of the drive train does not operate as designed, the vehicle loses power, can produce a burning smell, will suffer reduced fuel efficiency and can generate clunking and humming sounds. If your vehicle has these problems or if your check engine light is illuminated, bring it in and we will look at it. it’s possible you may need a transmission repair.

Transmission Repair Service

If there is an issue with your transmission, Transmissions Unlimited can perform a computer diagnostic to find out if there is a problem in the control system. If there is, we can identify the electrical component that needs to be replaced. The malfunction might be due to a sensor instead of a mechanical problem. In other instances, the transmission fluid might need to be changed and flushed. It just depends. Bring it in and we will look at it.

Clutches – Tampa

How clutches work..   It’s a common misconception that the clutch simply puts the car in neutral gear. Instead, it disengages the transmission from the drive train.

The engine of your vehicle is designed to be constantly spinning while on. If it wasn’t spinning, it couldn’t continue to run and would shut down. Your transmission transfers that motion to the drive shaft and, in turn, to the wheels. But you don’t always want your wheels or your transmission to be spinning. The most important job of the clutch is to disengage the transmission from the motor so you can shift gears without grinding.

The clutch does wear out over time, but the repair is a relatively simple maintenance job compared to the more expensive repair of the transmission. Sometimes a clutch disc wears out to a point where it needs to be replaced completely. Other common problems include stretched cable controls, a leak in the hydraulics and occasionally air bubbles formed in the hydraulic line.

If you think you are having issues with your clutch, it’s best to bring it so we can run a diagnostic test and help you pinpoint the problem.

CV Joint Repair & CV Joint Replacement

If identified early, boot replacement can save you money, but it is still a labor-intensive operation. For joints that have gone an extended period without lubricant, you will likely need to replace the entire axle. In some vehicles, the CV joint cannot simply be replaced – the entire half-shaft will need to be replaced. The half-shaft is crucial to propelling front-wheel drive vehicles.

If your car’s CV joints or boots need to be serviced, you may want to consider having the service performed sooner rather than later to avoid further damage to your vehicle.